Posting your wedding invitations


An important component to consider when planning your wedding invitation budget is the postage costs of sending the invitations to your guests. This will help you determine what sort of invitation you want to create.

DL envelope (110 x 220mm) will cost 60 cents to send if it’s less than 5mm in thickness and under 50 grams. If the thickness is greater that 5mm the price will jump up to $1.20. If you are planning on adding ribbon or buckles to your invitations, you must keep in mind the height of the finished product and how much it will weigh when it’s all put together.

Square envelopes are classed as a large letter by Australia Post (150 mm or 160 mm square) and these cost $1.20 to send. Once again you need to be aware of the thickness and weight, these square envelopes must not be thicker than 20mm and can go up to 125 grams. The Australia Post website is really handy. You can type in your measurements and weight and it tells you how much it will cost to send.

A nice personal touch is to create your very own personalised wedding stamps. You can upload a photo of the bride and groom or even write the happy couples names or initials. You can do this all online via Australia Post.

If creating your own stamps isn’t your thing, there are also pre-printed wedding stamps that can tie in with your special occasion.

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